Easy Breezy Blogging

Welcome to Module 1

This module is the PLANNING phase. So be sure to download or grab a copy of your workbook on Canva! 

Using ChatGPT

I love ChatGPT to help speed up the process of blogging while still sounding like a human. But my fav way to use AI is by treating it like a sounding board to help me with planning.

Finding your niche

Niching down… dun dun dun… Some people love niching down and some hate it. So let’s discuss how to do it in a way that makes sense for YOU, especially if you are planning a more lifestyle-esque blog that is not super niche.

Monetization Strategies

Let’s rundown the main ways of monetizing your blog. Think strategically about which make sense for you and your brand. We will go deeper into each of these in the next videos.

Affiliate Marketing

I LOVE affiliate marketing. You get to make money promoting the products and services you already know and love. Plus, it has the potential to be longterm passive income for you and your blog.

Sign up for Amazon Affiliates

CJ Affiliates


Rakuten Affiliates





Display Ads

These might be your biggest money maker, or you might skip them all together. Let’s talk about whether display ads are right for your blog.

Sponsored Posts

Influencing isn’t just for social. Blogging was the OG influencing platform. 

Use this template to craft your own brand pitches.

Your Products/Services

Get the biggest bang for your buck by selling your own products/services.

Content Pillars

Before we start getting content ideas… be clear on your content pillars.

Start Planning Content

Let’s start getting a good list of content ideas going. 

Intro to SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a huge part of blogging. But the strategies you decide to use with SEO will vary depending on your goals.

Another quick note on SEO

SEO = the Game of Thrones of Blogging

Domain Authority and Ranking

Let’s get into the weeds with SEO.

Finding More Keywords

Keywords Everywhere is a cheap and easy to use Chrome extension, but the principles in here apply regardless of which tools you use.

Competitor Analysis

OK let’s do some internet sleuthing to beat our competition.